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ELECT Guidelines

The primary purpose of ELECT is to assist pregnant, custodial and non-custodial young parents under 22 years of age to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent. All ELECT programs must provide core components and comprehensive case management services for each participant that culminates in high school graduation or attainment of a high school equivalency certificate.

For a copy of PDE’s 2018-21 ELECT Guidelines, contact:
Nichole Fisher, Program Coordinator
Center for Schools and Communities
(717) 763-1661, ext. 107

Casefile management training videos will be posted as they become available.



The Center for Schools and Communities collects statewide data for the ELECT Initiative.

For more information, contact:
Winnie Black, ELECT Data Specialist
(717) 763-1661, ext. 151



The Office of Income Maintenance has oversight of the ELECT Program. ELECT providers identify current participants that receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or may be eligible for Family Works. The County Assistance Office (CAO) and the ELECT programs work together to verify student eligibility. ELECT programs may have their own data information system to track program referrals, rejections, enrollments, participant data, services (activities) and terminations. However, the Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) is the official data system that DHS requires programs to use to validate a student’s activities and evaluate the achievement of program outcomes. Program coordinators and staff hired to perform data entry are required to be trained in CWDS.

For more information or resources, contact:
Nichole Fisher, Coordinator
(717) 763-1661, ext. 107